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“Form of change” Youth and FONPC - dialogue for change


In the context of reducing the advocacy capacity of NGOs during 2018 as a consequence of damaged relations with the government (CSO Sustainability Index Romania 2018, FDSC), but also given the fact that Romania faces one of the highest risks of poverty and social exclusion at European level (35.7% of the population and 40.9% of children are at risk of poverty and social exclusion in 2017 – EUROSTAT, 2019) social services to meet the needs of people in vulnerable groups is a necessity .


The “Form of Change. Youth and FONPC – dialogue” project aims to increase the degree of coordination of FONPC members to actively engage and encourage youth participation in dialogue with public authorities, monitoring and influencing public policies on human / child rights, by creating tools to monitor the observance of children’s rights, notification and alert mechanisms, by watchdog and advocacy activities and by promoting the Alternative Report on the Observance of the Rights of the Child, but also by creating the FONPC Youth Council that will participate in the activities advocacy, strategic planning and decision-making at Federation level. This will ensure a more accessible, transparent, participatory environment in the decision-making process at local and central level, both for young people and for professionals to improve public policies and adapt them to current needs.


The project aims to professionalize the monitoring of children’s rights and reporting mechanisms and will have activities such as:

  • Involvement of young people and children in a Youth Council
  • elaboration of an alternative report of the children
  • advocacy actions.


The aim is to improve the legislative framework and public policies for better protection and participation of children and young people in public life. This project is more important in the context of that child abuse in Romania is a serious and systemic problem.


The overall objective of the project is to improve the capacity of FONPC and its member organizations to be actively involved and to encourage the participation of young people in the development and monitoring of public policies on children, dialogue with public authorities and influencing decisions on the rights of children and vulnerable people. or at risk of marginalization / exclusion, in order to hold authorities, institutions and decision-makers accountable and to contribute to a democratic culture at local / national level.

Specific objectives:

Objective no.1:

Strengthening the capacity of the members of the Federation to have a rapid reaction to the new public policies in Romania / EU, to violations of children’s rights, but also to strengthening the participatory culture and civic awareness by creating 5 tools to monitor respect for children’s rights and mechanisms notification, reporting and alert on 5 priority topics and at least 2 watchdog activities, advocacy at local and central level and by promoting the Alternative Report


Objective no.2:

Increasing the involvement and effective participation of young people in monitoring children’s rights, advocacy activities, strategic programming and decision-making processes at FONPC level by creating the Youth Council (CT_FONPC) which will ensure the integration of the voice of children / young people from NGOs FONPC members in dialogue with public authorities and decision-makers, promoting the values ​​of democracy and the right to participate in decisions concerning them


Objective no.3:

Strengthen the capacity of cooperation between members and young people of the FONPC Youth Council in order to implement an advocacy campaign on improving the legal framework in the field of child / human rights by attracting champions (personalities, professionals) to ensure access for vulnerable or at risk of marginalization and exclusion from quality community service and respect for the fundamental rights of participatory democracy.


The objective of organizational development:

Strengthening the organizational capacity of FONPC in order to increase the organizational efficiency, through team building actions of the Federation team with the Board of Directors in order to better serve the interests and needs of FONPC members. Involvement of the FONPC team, the 9 members of the Board of Directors and at least 30 FONPC member organizations in the implementation of the FONPC 2021-2025 strategy, as well as in the implementation of efficient management procedures that include coherent rules and procedures.


Beneficiaries of the project

  • 64 member NGOs involved in monitoring children’s rights, consulted on the implementation of the Strategy 2021-2025, the Alternative Report, the analysis on the involvement of young people;
  • over 100 young people who benefit from the services of FONPC member NGOs will be involved in the creation of the Youth Advisory Council, the Youth Forum, the Alternative Report and in advocacy actions;
  • over 10 journalists will sign the White Paper on the protection of children in the virtual environment and will be involved in promoting the rights of the child and notifying the authorities of the violation of their rights;
  • over 200 partners (public institutions, non-member NGOs, professional associations, policy makers, public figures) will be involved in monitoring children’s rights;
The project is implemented by the Federation of Non-Governmental Organizations for Children and benefits from funding amounting to 277786 euros, through the Active Citizens Fund Romania program, financed by Iceland, Liechtenstein and Norway through the EEA Grants 2014-2021. The content of this page does not necessarily represent the official position of the 2014-2021 EEA and Norwegian Grants. For more information visit www.eeagrants.org .Information about Active Citizens Fund Romania is available at www.activecitizensfund.ro .


29 months (May 1, 2021 – September 30, 2023)



279700 euros of which non-reimbursable financing 249700 euros and co-financing 30,000 euros